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If you haven’t found what you’re looking for under the categories “Traffic Signage” and “Tourist Signage”, this is the place where your needs are met. Our “Other” section offers various solutions, including advertising signage rental and equipment for exceptional transportation. If you haven’t found exactly what you need, feel free to contact us – we are here to help you.


Check how special transport is marked according to the Regulation NN 92/2018

By continuously monitoring the needs of all traffic participants and dedicating ourselves to their safety, thanks to our technological expertise and equipment, we have expanded our product range for the group of products intended for marking and equipping vehicles for special transport and accompanying vehicles.


Through the development of a contemporary advertising and marketing model, GELAX Buje has simultaneously invested a lot of effort into creating a unique visual identity by selecting the highest quality materials and innovative design.

This includes the production of advertising signage, illuminated and non-illuminated signs, and advertising billboards.


Using our integrated approach, we have collectively created an innovative system for establishing a new specific identity for our cities, municipalities, tourist resorts, and all other entities.

To convince you of the creation of new value systems, we offer, alongside industrial design, the actual 3D visualization of the space you want to complement. The guarantee we offer is based on exterior visual solutions, fast delivery, and low maintenance.

Gelax Buje’s urban equipment is not just about filling space and content; it’s about setting new standards in our promenades, parks, or squares.


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