You can view and download the regulation on equipment for roads here: Regulations

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Flashing beacon battery

Our robust flashing beacon battery ensures continuous and reliable power supply. Long-lasting and durable…

Flexible bollards

Traffic flexible bollards are an innovative solution in traffic signaling, designed to enhance road safety.

Glowing LED arrays

Create a safety zone with our luminous LED arrays, an ideal solution for marking roadworks or other situations.

Mobile LED traffic sign

The mobile road traffic signal that folds represents an innovative solution in traffic management on construction sites and roads.

Parking barriers

Parking barriers are an essential element in parking lots, providing a clear visual barrier that helps define parking spaces precisely.

Parking barriers

Parking barriers represent an excellent solution for organizing parking lots and controlling vehicle access.

Prefabricated PVC curb

The prefabricated PVC curb provides a durable solution for marking and defining traffic areas. Made of high-quality PVC material…

PVC chain

Our PVC chain represents an excellent solution for marking and organizing space. Made of high-quality PVC material…

PVC road barrier

Our barrier constitutes a robust and reliable combination for access control and space delineation.

PVC road base

The PVC road base is ideal for quickly setting up road barriers. With its portability and stable construction…

Road beacon

Road beacon, which can also be used for exceptional transport, ensures high visibility and safety on the roads.